About Us

About Aquatic Rhino Swimming

Aquatic Rhino was created by highly accomplished swim coach David Wendkos for a very specific purpose: To help competitive swimmers and multisport athletes reach and surpass their goals by blending world-class coaching with cutting edge technology. Utilizing the state-of-the-art Aquatic Rhino Stroke Studio, located in the heart of the Baltimore-Annapolis-DC metropolitan area, David capitalizes on his expertise in stroke mechanics, video analysis, and coaching methodologies, to realize that objective. In so doing, clients are provided an incomparable opportunity to improve their stroke, and swimming performance, with amazing efficiency and effectiveness. The result: Improved levels of ability, confidence, enjoyment, and success in the water, often far surpassing what they ever thought possible!

About The Aquatic Rhino Stroke Studio

The Aquatic Rhino Stroke Studio is a state-of-the-art swimming analysis, instruction, and training facility unlike any other in the Mid-Atlantic region. With a custom designed Endless Pool at its center (for those unfamiliar with them, think of a treadmill for swimmers), the Stroke Studio surrounds a swimmer with pro-quality video cameras, both above and below the water's surface, as well as mirrors above, below, and in front. As the cameras record the swimmer's stroke technique from all desired angles, the videos are instantly imported into Dartfish. The world's leading motion analysis software, Dartfish is utilized by top athletes and organizations all over the world, including over 400 medalists and the six primary TV networks at the 2012 Olympic games. On our large HD monitor, Dartfish is used to break down, analyze, and discuss our client's strokes as no other facility can. Swimmers then try prescribed changes and drills followed by further analysis and feedback. By the end of a session (normally lasting 60 to 75 minutes), clients will leave with a far better understanding of their stroke, as well as a clear, individualized plan of action for improvement.

About Coach David Wendkos

David Wendkos had his first swim lesson at 9 months old, and started swimming competitively when he was six. He continued from there, swimming for club teams, for his high school team, and at the NCAA level for all four years of his college career, where he held varsity records and earned multiple All-Conference honors. After graduating, David remained highly active, participating and competing in many different athletic endeavors, including masters swimming and open water racing. In 2006, David began his life as a triathlete, and since then, has completed numerous triathlons at the sprint, olympic, and half-iron (70.3) distances.

In concert with David's continuing participation in swimming and triathlon, his passion for the sport led him to make swim coaching his full-time career. David holds numerous advanced coaching certifications from the major sanctioning bodies, including USA Swimming for High School, Age-Group, Masters (Adult), and Open Water, from the American Swimming Coaches Association (ASCA) as a Level 2 coach, with Level 3 education, from the Amateur Athletic Union (AAU), and from U.S. Masters Swimming as a Level 2 coach. These are supported by an extensive list of training and education work David has completed in his efforts to become the most capable and effective coach he can be. Through his coaching career, David has coached high school teams, USA Swimming club teams, summer swim club teams, and US Masters Swimming clubs, as well offered private coaching to swimmers and triathletes of all ages and abilities. The long list of athletes he has coached includes several qualifiers for the Ironman World Championships in Kona, representatives for the United States at ITU World Championships, state champions within USA Swimming, and USMS National Championship medalists. David's passion is for helping athletes at all levels, and he has also helped athletes learn to confidently swim in open water without panicking, improve swim times to ensure an athlete would not miss a time cut-off in a triathlon, and simply develop enough confidence and ability as swimmers that they discovered a love for the sport.

Today, David spends his time focused on Aquatic Rhino Swimming and the success of its clientele. No matter your ability or objectives, David's knowledge, passion, and track record are those of a coach who can and will help you to reach and, more than likely, exceed your swimming goals.