Aquatic Rhino Services and Pricing

Private Coaching/Analysis in the Aquatic Rhino Stroke Studio:

Coaching sessions in the Stroke Studio last approximately an hour to an hour and fifteen minutes ("Initial" sessions are generally around 1:30). During a session, clients will work with David while swimming in the Studio's custom-designed Endless Pool. For those not familiar with Endless Pools, think of a treadmill for swimmers. Water temperature is maintained at 84 - 86 degrees, and air temperature is kept in the upper 80's, ensuring clients are comfortable and therefore able to focus on their swimming, rather than on chattering teeth or shivering bodies. Professional grade video cameras surround the pool in the Stroke Studio, enabling the recording of an athlete's swimming technique from any angle, both above and below the surface of the water. Videos are captured and imported into our Dartfish motion analysis system for immediate review and analysis. Dartfish, the world's leading motion analysis software, is utilized by nearly every professional sports team in the United States and throughout the world, as well as most branches of the U.S. Olympic committee, as no other program offers the same capabilities for replay in real-time, slow motion, or freeze-frame, as well as multi-angle viewing, video overlays, mark-ups, and measurements of numerous technical aspects. After capturing a video clip of the swimmer in action, David and the athlete will use Dartfish and the Studio's big-screen monitor to perform an analysis unlike anything they've seen before. They will then discuss what areas of the swimmer's stroke provide the greatest opportunities for improvement and ways to accomplish that improvement, at which time, the client can work on those changes while recording another clip, which can be used to view the change or discuss how to more effectively make the prescribed changes. By the conclusion of the session, clients should expect to depart with a much better understanding of their stroke, where their opportunities for greatest improvement lie, and three or four specific recommendations on what drills and exercises to perform to see the most effective and significant improvement in their swimming performance possible.

Optional Items:

  • Take your videos home- If you want, we are happy to provide you with a copy of all videos taken in a session, on DVD-R. Videos are provided in .mp4 or .avi format, so any PC or Mac should have no problem playing them.
  • Take home a full video analysis - See below for the description of our Video Analysis Service. We are happy to provide you with a DVD including all of the features described, based upon the video captured in the studio. We also include an unedited full copy of each of the videos captured during that session.
  • Equipment Purchases - We are very fortunate to have developed strong relationships with some of the leading vendors of swim related gear in business today. As such, we often keep extras of some of the items we use often, brand new and in their original packaging, right in the studio, and can offer them for sale at significant savings off retail. If we recommend you use a particular training tool, ask us if we have any for sale in the studio. It could save you time and money.

Private Use/Practice Time in the Aquatic Rhino Stroke Studio

For many, you simply don't have access to open water. For others, it's getting a bit too chilly to be swimming out there, or maybe you just don't have anyone to go with you and you'd like to keep it safe. Whatever the case, you'd like to get in some long “open water” style swims without needing to stop and turn every 25 yards, right? You can reserve time in the Aquatic Rhino Stroke Studio to simply come in and get a nice long swim in. We promise you won't need to do any flip turns! Along with being a great opportunity to get a long swim in, you can also make use of the mirrors to watch your stroke and work on your technique, and all of our great training tools, including all sorts of paddles, buoys, and finds, to less common tools such as metronomes (Tempo Trainer) and heart rate monitors (AquaPulse) designed for swimmers. Just call and set up some time for yourself. (And while you won't receive any direct coaching or video, you will have someone there to keep an eye and make sure you're safe!

Video Review and Analysis Services

No motion analysis software in existence can match the capabilities of Dartfish. So even if you can't get into the Stroke Studio, if you can get some video of your stroke, you can get some of the best feedback available from Aquatic Rhino. Simply get a recording of yourself swimming, get it to us, and we can do a full analysis which we will produce and deliver to you on DVD-R. You will see your stroke in full speed, slow motion, and freeze-frames at key points. Your videos will include telestrations (drawings) to explain what we find, what we believe should be changed, and how. Those explanations will come in both text form right on the videos, notes written up separate from the videos, and audio notes as the videos are playing. When drills or other specific exercises are recommended, you will also receive videos demonstrating the work suggested, with instructions both in writing and explained on the videos.